Capital Green Energy specialises in home solar energy systems designed to reduce your energy costs and produce electricity in the most sustainable way possible.

We will design and install a solar system that not only meets your household’s ongoing energy requirements, but wherever possible also enables you to return any excess energy to the grid .

In this way, your home solar energy system is effectively paying for itself over the lifetime of its operation — you are not being charged for any electricity that you use that has been produced by you, while also being paid for the energy you produce in excess of your own immediate needs (this payment is referred to as the feed-in tariff).


For most businesses, regardless of size or sector, energy costs are one of the biggest overheads, and can be a significant bar to investment growth and a sustainable future. At Capital Green Energy, we are specialists in the design and installation of solar energy systems for business, retail and manufacturing premises of any size, and can help your business to cut energy costs significantly, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation.

However, like you we also know that running a business can take every waking moment, and so you don’t need any more unnecessary or irrelevant information to have to wade through. That’s why we will provide you with a clear and detailed assessment of your current energy use, and how a solar system can reduce the cost of your power bills. We will also outline the other benefits of the system, in terms of feed-in tariffs and net metering, and how this will impact on your bottom line. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with business and property owners, as well as our commitment to achieving efficient and sustainable operations.

Furthermore, Capital Green Energy is dedicated to providing a return on investment for our clients, and so our experienced team of solar technicians will design a solar energy system that is configured to work efficiently in your building set up or environment, so that it meets your needs in terms of efficiency and output. Our is to provide a fully customised solution designed in partnership with you to deliver for your organisation now and in the future.

To help make this happen, we use only high quality components that utilise the most efficient energy producing technology, ensuring long, reliable operational life and the quickest possible return on your business investment. We can also take care of all the necessary grid connection approvals and project management on your behalf, with the aim of saving you money on your energy consumption costs, while at the same time potentially generating additional revenue by selling back excess energy to the grid.


Agriculture across Australia has been enduring an uncertain operating environment for some time, with fluctuating prices, growing overseas competition, and endlessly rising energy costs. This is why people running agricultural businesses in a variety of sectors are increasingly turning to solar energy as a solution to reduce energy use and lower operating costs.

Capital Green Energy designs customised solar energy systems for rural Australian businesses, including those in livestock, poultry and egg production, milk and dairy, as well as organic producers.

There are a number of different solar energy options for the agricultural sector that aren’t necessarily available to other industries, as a solar system can be configured on a rural property in ways that aren’t possible in urban manufacturing or industrial zones. For instance, you might be in a position to install a ground-mounted solar panel system, in place of or in addition to a more conventional roof-mounted set up.

However, regardless of the space or structures you have available, Capital Green Energy can design a customised solar solution that will help you power your agricultural business, while at the same time reducing your energy costs and environmental impact.

Whenever we design a solar energy system, the aim is always to provide you with the fastest possible return on investment. Solar panels enable you to do this not only through substantial reductions in mains electricity usage and costs, but also through the opportunity to potentially sell excess energy back to the gird and generate additional revenue. Our custom designed solar systems are configured to enable you to exploit fully the energy provided by the sun to meet your precise usage and output needs.

If you operate a rural business growing produce, raising livestock or harvesting grain, get in touch with Capital Green Energy to find out more about how we can help to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, while not compromising on production levels or standards.

If you want to find out more about how installing a solar energy system in your business premises can help to reduce overheads and operating costs, get in touch and we will be happy to offer you a free, no obligation quote.